Dandy Oak

This stove came to us in pieces. This type of stove was called a parlor stove because it has a cast iron firepot. We had to cast a firebowl for this stove so that the customers from Sylvan Lake could use this stove again.

Caboose Heater

This stove has rods going through it because it had to be bolted to the floor. You would find this type of stove in a train caboose. All doors were latched. There was a ring around the top of the stove to prevent a kettle from sliding off when the train was in motion. Even the lid locked into place.  

Star Gem

When this stove came to us it was all painted grey with a lead base paint. We had to cast a leg for this stove. We restored it back to original for the customers. They are very happy with their stove.

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